Greetings Everyone :

Wow !  Who knew when our chapter decided to take a winter break, this virus was going to creep in on us.  It truly has made us take a winter and some of spring break. 
I have been wanting to get us all together, but as of yet I am not quite comfortable trying to call any meeting.

I would ask that you get me your starting mileage for this year , picture preferred if possible, and message me at 605-660-3608.  This is for a NE-SD  District contest. 
Whichever Chapter has the most miles racked up will get the Chapter Dues for the year paid. ( this would be a $100 savings.  I would appreciate this if everyone could do it. 
Bear in mind that we have Marvin B. On our team , so we would have a good chance.

I would also like to have someone to volunteer to be the Chapter Treasurer.  I am hoping that Linda will show the new person the strings to pull, ( not ropes ). 
The question you may have is Do I Have To Be A Officer.  The answer is yes .  But being a officer does not mean that you have to go to any classes. 
All you need to do is sign a Privacy Statement, and Boom! You just became a officer.  This has been made easier since I did it as it was then a day and a half class.

I have spoken to Cindi and she informed me that she would gladly remain as our newsletter person.  Cindi really does a great job on this....THANK YOU CINDI !

I am going to wait a bit before calling us all together because of this virus, since not all the eating establishments are open, of course we could all pack a sack lunch and
 Meet in some park, in some town, or maybe even a rest area along some highway.  This is entirely up to you all.  The point being LETS RIDE.  If you have any ideas
on this please let me knoe, we can put it together. It has been 5 months since we have seen each other, so we need to do this. I di miss seeing all of you, the handshakes and the hugs.


PLEASE send any ideas my way.

Thank You